TORAH and Knowing the LORD

The Torah is a teaching, a continual guidance,

and instruction. It is not static; it is continually

happening on an on-going basis.

It comes from the same root as the word

teacher מורה , and also the word

for parents הורים .

This indicates that the Torah functions

both a teacher and as a parent.

The Holy Spirit רוח הקודש is

the person who is both a teacher

and a parent. Thus as an individual listens

to His voice, and obeys Him, שומע בקול ,

the Torah is changing to fit circumstances

and situations, and is fulfilling the righteousness

of the LORD.

The prophet Jeremiah describes this

in Jeremiah 32:23 when HaShem says

“I will write my Torah in their hearts.”

נתתי את תורתי בקרבם

ועל לבם אכתבנה:

This happens when a person receives

the Messiah Yeshua משיח ישוע as

his or her LORD.

The person begins to hear the voice

of the LORD as a result of coming

into a personal relationship, as in a marriage,

with HaShem. This fulfills the words

of the prophet that HaShem put

into his mouth when he says in

Jeremiah 32:33

“And they all shall know me”

כי כולם ידעו אותי

It also fulfills the word of the

prophet Hosea in Hosea 2:21-22

when HaShem says

” I will betroth you to me forever,

I will betroth you to me

in righteousness, in judgment,

in mercy, and in compassions;

I will betroth you to me in faith,

and you shall know the LORD.”

וארשתיך לי לעולם

וארשתיך לי

בצדק ובמשפט

ובחסד וברחמים:

וארשתיך לי באמונה

וידעת את יהוה:

Then the person really begins to keep

the Torah as result of an active

relationship with HaShem

through the guidance of the

Holy Spirit רוח הקודש .

This is in contrast to the LAW חוק

which is a different Hebrew word.

LAW or choq חוק means a

fixed, unchanging decree.

Proverbs 8:29

“When he gave the sea his decree,

that the waters should not pass

his commandment:

when he appointed

the foundations of the earth.”

בשומו לים חוקו

ומים לא יעברו פיו

בחוקו מוסדי ארץ:

Psalm 104:9.

“You have set a bound

that they may not pass over;

that they turn not again

to cover the earth.”

גבול שמת

בל יעברון

בל ישובון

לכסות הארץ:

The understanding of this contrast

builds faith in the heart of each Jew

who has newly prayed to receive

the Messiah Yeshua משיח ישוע

into his or her heart.