The Sabbath and the Queen of Heaven

The worship of the ‘queen of heaven’

was one of the most wicked forms

of idolatrous worship.

It is especially hateful and odious


The worship of the queen of heaven

was originally started by Nimrod and

Semiramis, his mother-wife-consort in

Babylon. Babylon-Babel בבל was Nimrod’s city.

In Genesis 10:8-10 the scripture describes Nimrod.

“And Cush begat Nimrod נמרד :

he began to be a mighty one in the earth.

He was a mighty hunter before the LORD:

wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod

the mighty hunter before the LORD.

And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel.

וכוש ילד את נמרד

הוא החל להיות גבור בארץ:

הוא היה גבור ציד לפני יּהוה

על כן יאמר כנמרד

גבור ציד לפני יהוה:

ותהי ראשית ממלכתו בבל:

Nimrod built his city, and started

building a tower as a tribute

to his idolatrous lust. By his might

and his pride, he deceived the people.

HASHEM came down and confused

the language of the people, so that they

stopped building the tower and the city.

Genesis 11:5,8-9.

“And HASHEM came down to see

the city and the tower,

which the children of men were building.

So HASHEM scattered them abroad from there

upon all the face of all the earth;

and they stopped building the city.

Therefore the name of it is called Babel;

because there did HASHEM confound

the language of all the earth.

and from there did HASHEM scatter

them abroad upon the face

of all the earth.”

וירד יהוה לראת

את העיר ואת המגדל

אשר בנו בני האדם:

ויפץ יהוה אתם משם

על פני כל הארץ

ויחדלו לבנות העיר:

על כן קרא שמה בבל

כי שם בלל יהוה שפת כל הארץ

ומשם הפיצם יהוה

על פני כל הארץ:

Shem, the great uncle of Nimrod,

killed him for his wickedness.

Semiramis then continued Nimrod’s idolatrous worship,

and set herself up to be worshipped

as the queen of heaven which she mixed

with astrology and the worship of the stars.

Part of the cult was the lie of reincarnation.

After Nimrod died, Semiramis said he

was reincarnated as her baby,

who she called Baal.

When HASHEM scattered the people

according to their different languages,

the queen of heaven cult not only stayed in Babylon,

but it was also dispersed to the various nations

that were being formed by their respective languages

all over the face of the earth.

In Egypt-Mizrayim מצרים , who was

the brother of Cush כוש , Nimrod’s father,

the queen of heaven was called Isis.

In Canaan כנען , Nimrod’s other uncle, she was called

Ashtoreth עשתורת . She became an important

goddess in their lands, and her worship was continued.

This worship had a particular attraction

and it was a snare to Israel.

In Judges 10:6 it is first on the list of foreign idols.

“And the children of Israel did evil again

in the sight of HASHEM,

and served Baalim, and Ashtaroth…”

ויוסיפו בני ישראל

לעשות הרע בעיני יהוה

ויעבדו את הבעלים

ואת העשתרות:

Also when Solomon שלמה the king of Israel,

turned away from following HASHEM,

the first name on the list of foreign idols was Ashtoreth.

I Kings 11:4-6.

“For it came to pass,

when Solomon was old,

that his wives turned away his heart

after other gods;

and his heart was not perfect

with the LORD his G-d,

as was the heart of David his father.

For Solomon went after

Ashtoreth the goddess of the Zidonians…

And Solomon did evil in the sight of HASHEM.”

ויהי לעת זקנת שלמה

נשיו הטו את לבבו

אחרי אלהים אחרים

ולא היה לבבו שלם

עם יהוה אלהיו

כלבב דוד אביו:

וילך שלמה אחרי

עשתרת אלהי צדנים

ויעש שלמה הרע בעיני יהוה:

Many Jews were involved in the worship

of the queen of heaven when Israel and Judah

were in their backslidden state

just before, and also at the time

of the captivity into Babylon.

Specifically the Jews who went down

into Egypt were very involved in

the worship of the queen of heaven.

They were warned by HASHEM

through the prophet Jeremiah ירמיה

to repent of this idolatrous practice,

but they refused.

As a result the wrath of HASHEM

was poured out upon them,

and he destroyed them completely

with a great destruction.

Jeremiah 44:7-8.

“Therefore now thus says

the LORD, the G-d of Host, the G-d of Israel;

Why do you commit this great evil

against your souls,

to cut off from among you

man and woman, child and suckling,

out of Judah, to leave you none to remain;

In that you provoke me to wrath

with the works of your hands,

burning incense to other gods

in the land of Egypt,

where you have gone to dwell

that you might cut yourselves off,

and that you might be a curse and a reproach

among all the nations of the earth?”

ועתה כה אמר

יהוה אלהי צבאות אלהי ישראל

למה אתם עשים רעה גדולה

אל נפשתכם להכרית לכם

איש ואשה עולל ויונק

מתוך יהודה לבלתי

הותיר לכם שארית:

להכעסני במעשי ידיכם

לקטר לאלהים אחרים בארץ מצרים

אשר אתם באים לגור שם

למען הכרית לכם ולמען היותכם

לקללה ולחרפה בכל גויי הארץ:

Then in Jeremiah 44:24-27:

“Moreover Jeremiah said to all the people,

and to all the women,

Hear the word of the LORD,

all Judah who are in the land of Egypt:

Thus says the LORD of hosts,

the G-d of Israel, saying,

You and your wives have both spoken with your mouths,

and fulfilled with your hand, saying,

We will surely perform our vows

that we have vowed,

t o burn incense to the queen of heaven,

and to pour out drink offerings to her:

you will surely accomplish your vows,

and surely perform your vows.

Therefore hear you the word of the LORD,

all Judah that dwell in the land of Egypt;

Behold, I have sworn by my great name,

says the LORD, that my name shall no more

be named in the mouth of any man of Judah

in all the land of Egypt, saying,

The LORD G-D lives.

Behold, I will watch over them for evil,

and not for good:

and all the men of Judah

who are in the land of Egypt shall be

consumed by the sword and by the famine,

until there be an end of them.”

ויאמר ירמיהו אל כל העם

ואל כל הנשים

שמעו דבר יהוה כל יהודה

אשר בארץ מצרים:

כה אמר יהוה צבאות

אלהי ישראל לאמר

אתם ונשיכם ותדברנה

בפיכם ובידיכם מלאתם לאמר

עשה נעשה את נדרינו אשר נדרנו

לקטר למלכת השמים

ולהסך לה נסכים

הקים תקימנה את נדריכם

ועשה תעשינה את נדריכם:

לכן שמעו דבר יהוה

כל יהודה הישבים בארץ מצרים

הנני נשבעתי בשמי הגדול

אמר יהוה

אם יהיה עוד שמי

בפי כל איש יהודה אמר

חי אדני יהוה

בכל ארץ מצרים

הנני שוקד עליהם

לרעה ולא לטובה

ותמו כל איש יהודה

אשר בארץ מצרים

בחרב וברעב עד כלותם:

The worship of the queen of heaven

is still being practiced in various forms

in religions among nations today.

It is a product of the original Babylon בבל .

In one of these forms

it has crept into Judaism

as “the queen of the Sabbath.”

Many Jews today worship the “Sabbath queen.”

In no place in any of the scriptures

in the Torah תורה or the Tanach תנך ,

is the Sabbath ever called a “queen.”

This is an infestation from Babylon Babel בבל.

No Jew should ever be involved

in the worship of the “Sabbath queen.”

It is an odious offense to HASHEM.

It is an abomination תועבה to him.

The “Sabbath queen” is one of the

primary hateful doctrines of Babel בבל

that has corrupted Judaism today

according to the prophecy

of Zechariah זכריה the prophet of Israel.