Jacob Coming to Himself

It was after the birth of Joseph

that Jacob finally realized who he was

in light of the promise that HASHEM

made to him at Bethel בית אל

(which is near Luz לוז )

after he had left his father’s house.

Up to this time Jacob was doing no labor

for himself. He was working for Laban.

He had a desire to return to the land of Israel.

Genesis 30:25.

“And it came to pass,

when Rachel had born Joseph,

that Jacob said to Laban,

Send me away,

that I may go to my own place,

and to my country.”

ויהי כאשר ילדה רחל את יוסף

ויאמר יעקב אל לבן


ואלכה אל מקומי ולארצי:

When Laban said that Jacob could

work for himself now,

after he had worked for him

for his two daughters,

G-d blessed Jacob

so much that he broke into a multitude.

Genesis 30:43

“And the man increased exceedingly.”

ויפרץ האיש מאד מאד:

The Hebrew word used for ‘increase’

is Perez or Perets פרץ which

means ‘to break forth.’

It is the name of the first son

of Judah, through whom

the Messiah משיח came.

G-d gave Jacob the key to prosperity

in a dream even though Laban

changed his wages ten times.

All this occurred immediately following

the birth of Joseph.

The name Joseph יוסף

in Hebrew means to ‘add’ .

Jacob became increasing aware

of his new identity that HASHEM

through his promise

had bestowed upon him.

He worked for Laban six more years

and in that time period

he became exceedingly wealthy

through the blessing of G-d.

After the sixth year,

in the seventh year,

HASHEM told him to

return to the land of Israel.

All this has amazing parallels

which are enumerated as follows:

1. Israel broke forth פרץ in Egypt in Goshen.

2. The Messiah משיח was born

in Joseph’s (stepfather’s name) household.

Israel broke forth פרץ into the resurrection.

3. Jacob put three days’ journey

between himself and Laban

while he was laboring for himself.

4. The Messiah Yeshua משיח ישוע

was in the grave three days

before his resurrection.

5. Jacob was laboring in the world;

Laban was his boss.

Israel labored in Egypt.

Pharaoh was his boss.

6. At the time of Yeshua ישוע

during his ministry in Israel,

Israel was laboring for Rome.

Caesar was his boss.

7. During this time under Rome

HASHEM supernaturally intervened,

and broke פרץ into victory through

the resurrection of the Messiah משיח

in order to establish and to confirm

his promise in his covenant to Israel.

8. The Messiah Yeshua משיח ישוע

is the son of Perez פרץ .

9. The period of time of Jacob’s

labor ends in the seventh year

with his return to the land of Israel.

10. The period of time of

the tribulation of Jacob before

the Messiah Yeshua משיח ישוע

returns to Israel

to set up the throne of David

and to rule over the world

is seven years.