Fear versus Faith

In the Torah in the Book of Numbers, Chapter 14,

ten of the spies that Moses sent to spy out the land

gave the people an evil report; and this report caused

the hearts of the people to melt with fear.

Two of the spies, Caleb and Joshua, gave the people a report

of faith, which would have strenghtened

the heart of the people.

The people עם ישראל chose to believe the report of fear,

and as a result they did not enter into the Shabbat שבת

of HASHEM and they wandered in the wilderness במדבר

where the whole generation perished in the first holocaust.

As a result of fear, their worst fears came upon them.

Caleb exhorted them with FAITH in Numbers 14:8-9.

“If HASHEM delight in us,

then he will bring us into this land,

and give it to us,

a land which flows with milk and honey.

Only rebel not against HASHEM,

neither fear the people of the land;

for they are bread for us:

their defence is departed from them,

and HASHEM is with us:

fear them not!”

אם חפץ בנו יהוה

והביא אתנו אל הארץ הזאת

ונתנה לנו ארץ אשר

הוא זבת חלב ודבש:

אך ביהוה אל תמרדו

ואתם אל תיראו את עם הארץ

כי לחמנו הם

סר צלם מעליהם

ויהוה אתנו

אל תראום:

Caleb declares “ the Lord is with us.” ויהוה אתנו

This statement contains the substance of faith,

which destroys and eliminates fear.

This exhortation is so important to HASHEM

that Moses repeats it twice in Deuteronomy 3:2,

and in Deuteronomy 1:26-31:

And HASHEM said to me,

Fear him not:

for I will deliver him,

and all his people,

and all his land,

into your hand;

and you shall do to him as you did

to Sihon king of the Amorites,

who dwelt at Heshbon.”

ויאמר יהוה אלי

אל תירא אתו

כי בידך נתתי אתו

ואת כל עמו

ואת ארצו

ועשית לו כאשר

עשית לסיחן מלך האמרי

אשר יושב בחשבון:

Deuteronomy 1:26-32.

“Notwithstanding you would not go up,

but rebelled against the commandment

of HASHEM your G-D:

and you murmured in your tents,

and said, Because HASHEM hated us,

he has brought us forth out of the land of Egypt,

to deliver us into the hand of the Amorites,

to destroy us.

Where shall we go up?

Our brothers have discouraged our heart , saying,

The people is greater and taller than we are;

the cities are great and walled up to heaven;

and moreover we have seen

the sons of the Anakims there.

Then I said to you, Dread not

neither be afraid of them.

HASHEM your G-D who goes before you,

he shall fight for you ,

according to all that he did for you

in Egypt before your eyes;

And in the wilderness,

where you have seen how that

HASHEM your G-D bare you,

as a man does bear his son,

in all the way that you went

until you came into this place.

Yet in this thing you did not believe

HASHEM your G-D.

ולא אביתם לעלות

ותמרו את פי יהוה אלהיכם:

ותרגנו באהליכם ותאמרו

בשנאת יהוה אתנו

הוצאנו מארץ מצרים

לתת אתנו ביד האמרי להשמידנו:

אנה אנחנו עולים

אחינו חמסו את לבבנו לאמר

עם גדול ורם ממנו

ערים גדולות ובצרות בשמים

וגם בני ענקים ראינו שם:

ואמר אלכם לא תערצון

ולא תיראון מהם:

יהוה אלהיכם ההולך לפניכם

הוא ילחם לכם

ככל אשר עשה אתכם

במצרים לעיניכם:

ובמדבר אשר ראית אשר

נשאך יהוה אלהיך

כאשר ישא איש את בנו

בכל הדרך אשר הלכתם

עד באכם עד המקום הזה:

ובדבר הזה אינכם מאמינם

ביהוה אלהיכם:

Moses declares “ HASHEM will fight for you.

יהוה ילחם לכם:

This declaration contains the substance of faith

which eliminates and destroys fear.

Moses again reveals the great SIN of the ten spies

against the people of Israel עם ישראל when he exhorts

the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and the half tribe of Manasseh

in Numbers 32:6-9. The Sin that they committed was

that they ‘caused the heart of the people to melt.

אחינו חמסו את לבבנו

Fear basically springs from a lack of correct vision.

1. This can be divided into three parts. Failure to see

the Kingdom of HASHEM מלכות יהוה

The extent and scope of this Kingdom

is without boundaries in time and space.

2. Failure to see the Authority of HASHEM

ממשלת יהוה.

His Largeness as King of the Universe

cannot be challenged and

dominates and influences all things.

3. Failure to see the Power of HASHEM גבורת יהוה .

As King He has the power to encompass

and control every situation regardless

of its size and location.

Israel did not perceive these three aspects of HASHEM

in spite of all the signs and wonders

He did for them in Egypt מצרים

and the great deliverance הישועה הגדולה

that He wrought for them over their

pursuing enemies at the Red Sea.

HASHEM brought Israel to Mount Sinai

to give to them 20-20 vision.

Exodus 20:20.

And Moses said to the people,

Fear not:

for HASHEM is come to prove you,

and that HIS fear

may be before your faces ,

that you sin not.

ויאמר משה אל העם

אל תיראו

כי לבעבור נסות אתכם

בא האלהים

ובעבור תהיה יראתו על פניכם

לבלתי תחטאו:

But Israel still did not perceive.

All that they could see at the report of the

ten spies was what they were in their own eyes.

Numbers 13:33.

And there we saw there the giants,

the sons of Anak,

which were come of the giants:

and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers,

and so we were in their sight.”

ושם ראינו את הנפילים

בני ענק מן הנפלים

ונהי בעינינו כחגבים

וכן היינו בעיניהם:

As a result what happened to them was what

the Prophet Isaiah declared in Isaiah 66:4:

“I also will choose their delusions,

and will bring their fears upon them;

because when I called,

none did answer;

when I spoke, they did not hear:

but they did evil before my eyes,

and chose that in which I delighted not .”

גם אני אבחר תעלוליהם

ומגורתם אביא להם

יען קראתי ואין עונה

דברתי ולא שמעו

ויעשו הרע בעיני

ואת אשר לא חפצתי בחרו:

The Messiah המשיח, the King of Israel מלך ישראל

dealt with Israel in these three parts, to open

their eyes, and to correct their vision.

Part I.

The King Messiah Yeshua המלך משיח ישוע

spoke to the heart of Israel ישראל

when he said

“Fear not little flock:

for it is the good pleasure

of HASHEM, the father,

to give the kindom to you.

אל תראו

צאן אדר הקטן

כי לרצון בחפצו

היה מלפני יהוה האב

ינחיל אתכם את המלכות:

The Prophet Zechariah likewise spoke

to the heart of Israel when he prophesied

in Zechariah 9:9:

“Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion;

Shout, O daughter of Jerusalem:

behold, your King comes to you:

he is just, and having salvation;

lowly, and riding upon an ass

and upon a colt the foal of an ass.”

גילי מאד בת ציון

הריעי בת ירושלם

הנה חמלכך יבוא לך

צדיק ונושע הוא

ענו ורוכב על חמור

ועל עיר בן אתנות:

These are declarations of the

Kingdom of HASHEM מלכות יהוה .

They contain the substance of faith.

Part II.

The Messiah Yeshua המשיח ישוע in

innumerable places demonstrated

the authority of the kingdom even over

‘natural’ phenomena. For example when he stilled the storm,

and walked on water, and enabled Simon Peter שמעון

to walk on water also.

In both cases he rebuked Israel for their fear,

and their lack of faith: that is, their lack of perception

of the authority of the King in his Kingdom ממשלת יהוה .

“And when he was entered into a ship,

and his talmidim followed him.

and, behold, there arose a great tempest in the sea,

insomuch that the ship was covered with the waves,

but he was asleep.

and his talmidim came to him

and awoke him, saying,

Lord, save us: we perish.

And he said to them

Why are you full of fear,

you of little faith?

Then he arose,

and rebuked the winds and the sea.

And there was a great calm.

But the men marvelled, saying

What manner of man is this,

that even the winds and the waves

obey him.?!”

הוא נכנס לסירה

ותלמידיו נכנסו אחריו:

והנה סערה גדולה התחוללה בים

עד אשר כסו הגלים את הסירה:

אך הוא היה ישן:

נגשו אליו והעירו אותו באמרם:

אדוננו הצל אותנו

אנחנו טובעים:

ואמר להם

למה אתם מפחדים

קטני אמונה:

והוא קם וגער ברוחות ובים

ונשתררה דממה עמוקה:

תמהו האנשים ואמרו

מי הוא זה

שגם הרוחות והים נשמעים לו:

And in another incident:

“But the ship was in the midst of the sea,

tossed with waves, for the wind was contrary.

And in the fourth watch of the night,

Yeshua ישוע went to them,

walking on the sea.

And when the talmudim saw him

walking on the sea,

they were troubled, saying,

It is a spirit; and they cried out for fear.

But immediately the Messiah Yeshua משיח ישוע

spoke to them, saying,

Be of good cheer: it is I

Do not be afraid.

And Shimon Peter answered him and said,

Lord, if it be you, ask me

to come to you on the water.and he said, Come.

And when Shimon Peter was come down

out of the ship,

he walked on the water,

to go to Yeshua ישוע.

But when he saw the wind boisterous

he was afraid;

and beginning to sink, he cried, saying

Lord, save me.

And immediately Yeshua ישוע stretched forth

his hand, and caught him,

and said to him,

O you of little faith ,

Why did you doubt?

And when they were come into the ship,

the wind ceased.”

בינתים הגיעה הסירה למרחק

כמה מילין מן החוף

כשהיא מטלטלת על ידי הגלים

והרוח נושבת נגדה:

והנה באשמרת הלילה הרביעית

בא אליהם ישוע

והוא מהלך על פני הים:

כשראוהו התלמידים

מהלך על פני הים

נבהלו “זוהי רוח רפאים” אמרו

והחלו לצעק מפחד:

מיד דבר אליהם ישוע ואמר

חזקו אני הוא

אל תיראו:

והשיב שמעון כיפא ואמר אליו

אדוני אם אתה הוא

צוני לבוא אליך על פני המים:

בוא אמר ישוע:

שמעון כופא ירד מן הסירה

והלך על פני המים

לקראת ישוע:

אולם כשראה את הרוח הסוערת

פחד והתל לשקוע:

ווצעק ויאמר אדוני הושיעני:

מיד הושיט ישוע את ידו

החזיק בו ואמר לו

קטן אמונה

מדוע עלה ספק בלבך?

נעלותם לסירה פסקה הרוח:

Part III.

When the ruler of the synogogue, Jairus,

came to the Messiah to entreat him

to heal his daughter, the messengers told him

not to bother the Messiah המשיח because

his daughter was already dead.

Yeshua ישוע turned to him and said:

Fear not, only believe.”

אל תירא

רק האמן

Then Yeshua ישוע went to his house

and raised his daughter from the dead.

These are the same words that Caleb

declared to Israel in the wilderness.

The King Messiah המלך משיח was

causing the ruler of the synagogue,

and thus all Israel to perceive,

the power of the kingdom הגבורת המלבות

over all circumstances regardless

of their size and location.

The Scripture tells us that “perfect love

casts out fear, because fear has torment.

האהבה השלמה מגרשת את הפחד

הן הפחד כרוך בעונש

Again the Scripture says:

“There is no fear in love.

He that fears is not made perfect in love.

אין פחד באהבה:

והמפחד איננו שלם באהבה:

In Psalm 34:4-5 David declares

“I sought HASHEM and he heard me,

and deliverd me from all my fears.

They looked to him,

and were lightened:

and their faces were not ashamed.

דרשתי את יהוה וענני

ומכל מגורותי הצילני:

הביטו אליו ונהרו

ופניהם אל יחפרו:

The Messiah Yeshua משיח ישוע , the son

of David הבן דוד, declares to his

disciples-talmidim תלמידים when he appears

to them after he rose from the dead:

“Peace be to you.” שלום לכם

The Scripture reads as follows:

“And they were saying,

The Lord is risen indeed,

and has appeared to Simon.

And they told what thing were done in the way,

and how he was known of them

in the breaking of bread.

And as they were thus speaking

Yeshua ישוע (Jesus) himself stood

in the midst of them, and said to them,

Peace be unto you.

But they were terrified and filled with fear,

and supposed that they were seeing a spirit.

And he said to them,

Why are you greatly afraid?

and Why do thoughts arise in your hearts?

Behold my hands and my feet,

that it is I myself.

Touch me and see.

For a spirit has not flesh and bones,

as you see me have.

And when he had thus spoken,

he showed them his hands and his feet.

והכל אומרים כי האדון אכן קם

ונראה אל שמעון:

הם ספרו מה שקרה בדרך

וכי הכירוהו כאשר בצע את הלחם:

עודם מדברים כזאת

והוא עמד בתוכם:

ויאמר שלום לכם:

אך הם נבהלו ונתמלאו פחד

וחשבו כי רוח הם רואים:

וישוע אמר להם

מדוע נחרדתם

ומדוע עולים ספקות בלבבכם:

ראו את ידי ואת רגלי

שאני הוא

מששוני וראו:

הרי לרוח אין בשר ועצמות

כמו שאתם רואים בי:

This act of seeing the Messiah משיח

in his resurrection body caused them

to truimph over fear ,

and brought peace to their hearts.

This is the final truimph of the

Kingdom of HASHEM מלכות יהוה OVER


This was a message to all Israel.

It is the fulfillment of the prayer in the Kaddish קדיש :

“He who makes peace in his heights,

may he in his compassion

make peace (of his Kingdom) upon us

and upon all Israel.

Now respond Amen (say Faith,

or say in Faith, Amen).”

עשה שלום במרומיו

הוא ברחמיו יעשה שלום עלינו

ועל כל ישראל:

ואמרו: אמן…אמן:

This is the fulfillment of the Scripture

by King Messiah through his personal resurrrection

from among the dead:

For it is written:

“Forasmuch then as the children

are partakers of flesh and blood,

he himself likewise took part of the same:

that through death he might destroy him

that had the power of death,

that is the devil:

And deliver them who through

fear of death

were all of their lifetime

subject to bondage.

For truly he took not on himself

the nature of angels;

but he took on himself

the seed of Abraham.”

וכיון שלילדים היתה

שתפות של בשר ודם

כמו כן גם הוא

שתף עצמו בבשר ודם

כדי שישבית על ידי מותו

את זה שבידו ממשלת המות

הוא השטן:

וישתרר את אלה

שבגלל אימת המות

היו נתונים לעבדות

כל ימי חייהם:

הן לא במלאכים הוא תומך

אלא בזרע אברהם:

This triumph of the Messiah Yeshua

נצחון המשיח ישוע

banishes all fear from our senses,

and establishes faith in our hearts.

As it is written again:

“For HaElokim has not given to us a spirit of fear,

but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

הן האלהים לא נתן למו

רוח של פחד

אלא רוח של גבורה

ואהבה וישוב הדעת:

This fulfills the last verses of the 29th Psalm

for all of the people of Israel עם ישראל .

“HASHEM sits upon the flood;

yes, HASHEM sits King for ever.

HASHEM will give strength to his people;

HASHEM will bless his people with peace.”

יהוה למבול ישב

וישב יהוה מלך לעולם:

יהוה עז לעמו יתן

יהוה יברך את עמו בשלום: