Hatred without a Cause and the Destruction of the Second Temple


was the sin which gave place

to the destruction of the

Second Temple in Jerusalem

by the Roman armies in 70 A.D.

This sin was joined together with

UNBELIEF , and receiving an evil report

about the Messiah משיח

and the Kingdom of David מלכות דוד .

This was the same sin that brought about

the annihilation of the whole generation

which HASHEM had brought up

out of the land of Egypt ארץ מצרים ,

from the age of twenty years old and upward.

The people received the evil report

of the ten spies;

and because they received it,

they did not believe the report

of HASHEM which he gave to them

through Joshua יהושוע and Caleb כלב .

The UNBELIEF led to


and caused a great destruction.

The UNBELIEF of the chief priests,

religious rulers, and the Sanhedrin,

concerning the Messiah Yeshua משיח ישוע

and the Kingdom of David מלכות דוד

led to the destruction of their hierarchy.

Some years later (130-134 A.D.)

Rabbi Akiva tried to reclaim

the land of Israel, and the

Kingdom of David by promoting

a false messiah, Bar Kochba.

But this led to even a greater destruction.

It was similar to when the

children of Israel went to fight

the Amorites in the hill country,

after the sin of the spies,

contrary to the command of Moses,

when HASHEM was not with them,

and they were met with great

slaughter and destruction.

The destruction following the

Bar Kochba rebellion was immense,

and it resulted with the prohibition

of Jews from entering Jerusalem

and Israel for centuries.

This cemented the Diaspora הגולה

into place for almost two thousand years

according to the words

of the prophets of Israel.