Hatred without a Cause and the Holocaust

The annihilation of the whole generation

of Israel that came out of the land of Egypt

in the wilderness,

the destruction of the Second Temple

in Jerusalem by the Roman Legions

in 70 A.D.,

and the Holocaust השואה

of World War II,

were all caused by

one Sin:


Hatred without a Cause is the one

sin that joins all these events together.

The connection between

Hatred without a Cause שנאה חנם

and the Holocaust השואה

is confirmed in Psalm 35.

Here Hatred without a Cause is

mentioned three times.

Psalm 35:7,19.

“For without cause they have

hid for me their net in a pit,

with without cause they have

digged for my soul.

Let not them that are

my enemies wrongfully

rejoice over me;

neither let them

wink with the eye that

hate me without a cause .”

כי חנם

טמנו לי שחת רשתם


חפרו לנפשי:

אל ישמחו לי

איבי שקר

שנאי חנם

יקרצו עין:

The word ‘holocaust’ is

also mentioned three times.

Psalm 35:8,17

“Let destruction (shoah)

come upon him unawares;

and let his net that he

has hid catch himself:

into that very destruction (shoah)

let him fall.

Lord, how long will you look on?

Rescue my soul from

their destructions (shoah),

my darling from the lions.”

תבואהו שואה לא ידע

ורשתו אשר טמן תלכדו

בשואה יפל בה:

אדוני כמה תראה

השבה נפשי משאיהם

מכפירים יחידתי:

In Psalm 69:4 Hatred

without a Cause שנאה חנם

is also mentioned.

“They that hate me

without a cause

are more than the

hairs of my head:

they who would destroy me,

being my enemies wrongfully,

are mighty.”

רבו משערות ראשי

שנאי חנם

עצמו מצמיתי

איבי שקר:

Though the word

for holocaust (shoah)

is not specifically used

in this Psalm, the descriptions

are certainly the same.

Psalm 69:24-25.

“Pour out your indignation

upon them, and let

your wrathful anger

take hold of them.

Let their habitation be desolate;

and let none dwell

in their tents.”

שפך עליהם זעמך

וחרון אפך ישיגם:

תהי טירתם נשמה

באהליהם אל יהי ישב:

Finally in Psalm 109:3

it speaks about Hatred

without a Cause:

“They compassed me

about also with

words of hatred;

and fought against me

without a cause.”

ודברי שנאה סבבוני

וילחמוני חנם:

This Psalm contains the

most horrible imprecations

and judgments of any Psalm.

The Torah תורה establishes




to be the worst sin that

the children of Israel committed

in the wilderness, and it followed

with the greatest judgments.

It was the sin which brought about

the destruction of

the Second Temple in Jerusalem,

and caused the great Diaspora הגולה .

It was also the sin that

brought about the

Holocaust השואה

in World War II

right at the end

of the period of

the great Diaspora הגולה .