Aaron and the Crown of Holiness

The scripture in the Torah

in Exodus 28:36 gives

an amazing revelation about

the Crown of Holiness.

“And you shall make a ‘ Plate’ Tsits (pronounced tseets)


of pure gold and engrave (open) פתחת

upon it like the engravings (openings) פתוחי

of a signet (seal) חותם ,

Holiness to HASHEM.קדוש ליהוה

ועשית ציץ זהב טהור

ופתחת עליו פתוחי


קודש ליהוה

This ‘Plate’ Tsits ציץ

is placed upon Aaron’s mitre

which is placed upon his forehead.

In other words, it affects his mind.

Exodus 28:37-38.

“And you shall put on

a blue lace

that it may be upon the mitre;

upon the forefront

of the the mitre it shall be.

And it shall be upon Aaron’s forehead.”

ושמת אתו על

פתיל תכלת

והיה על המצנפת

אל מול פני המצנפת יהיה:

והיה על מצח אהרן:

The revelation is here

that the holiness קודש

opens פתח up the mind,

and takes away all boundaries,

and gives limitless possibilities

to the mind (intellect) to roam freely

in G-d’s thoughts.

Holiness allows the person

to clearly perceive

and master ideas, languages,

knowledge, concepts, abstractions, and codes

with EASE.

These were previously thought

to be too difficult, but they suddenly

become easy to master

in the environment and atmosphere

of the essence of the Holiness of HASHEM,

and the incomparable beauty of His Holiness.

The mind of the person

blossoms יציץ.

This is the essence of ‘Genius’.

It leads to the worship of HASHEM,

the true worship in

the beauty of his holiness.

Psalm 96:9 and Psalm 29:2.

“Worship HASHEM

in the beauty of Holiness.”

השתחוו ליהוה

בהדרת קודש:

In the Holiness of HASHEM

this ‘genius’ opens up

as a flower opens up its petals

of tender beauty and glory.

This is revealed by the Torah

because the Hebrew word used

in the scripture for ‘Plate’ is

the word ‘Tsits’ ציץ.

This word is used in other

places in scripture for the

opening of flowers.

Isaiah 40:6.

“The voice said, Cry.

and he said, What shall I cry?

All flesh is grass,

and all the goodliness thereof

is as the flower (tsits) of the field.

קול אמר קרא

ואמר מה אקרא

כל הבשר חציר

וכל חסדו כציץ השדה :

Also Psalm 103:15.

“As for man,

his days are as grass:

As a flower (tsits) of the field,

so he blooms (yatsits).

אנוש כחציר ימיו

כציץ השדה כן יציץ :

As the flower blooms

and opens up in its beauty,

so the mind of man opens up

in the beauty of the Holiness of HASHEM.

The man understands all things,

and all things become easy

to comprehend and master.

The things the person learns

and comprehends become

fixed and secure in his understanding.

They belong to him.

He does not forget them,

or lose his ability and understanding,

neither do they fade away with time.

This is why the Hebrew uses the word

for engrave chotem חותם as

a signet or as seal engraved in stone:

and this is placed on the forehead.

The Scripture describes this comprehension,

in one of the great petitions

of the servant of HASHEM.

“For this cause I bow my knees

to the Father of our King and Lord,

the Messiah Yeshua המשיח ישוע,

of whom the whole family

in heaven and earth is named,

that He would grant you,

according to the riches of His glory,

to be strengthened with might

by His Spirit in the inner man;

that the Messiah המשיח may dwell

in your hearts by faith;

that you, being rooted and grounded

in love of HASHEM אהבת יהוה,

may be able to comprehend

with all His holy ones,

what is the breadth, and length,

and depth, and height;

and to know the love of the Messiah

אהבת המשיח

which passes knowledge,

that you might be filled with

all the fullness of HASHEM.

משום כך כורע אני

על ברכי לפני האב

אשר קרא שם לכל משפחה

בשמים ובארץ:

שיתן לכם כוח

כפי עשר כבודו

להתחזק על ידי רוחו

באדם הפנימי שלכם

כדי שישכון המשיח בלבבכם

על ידי האמונה

ותהיו משרשים ומיסדים

באהבת יהוה:

כך תוכלו להבין

יחד עם כל הקדושים

מה הרוחב




ולדעת את אהבת המשיח

הנשגבה מדעת

למען תמלאו

בכל מלוא האלהים:

The breadth, the length,

the depth, and the height,

mentioned here describe

the totality of knowledge.

And this is what the mind is

opened up to comprehend.

But the love אהבה

of the Messiah המשיח

surpasses even this.

This brings us to the next point

of the revelation, which is the crown.

The Holy Crown.

In Exodus 29:7 the golden plate

ציץ הזהב (tsits hazahav)

is called a holy crown נזר הקודש .

or a crown of holiness and

it is placed upon the mitre מצנפת (mitznephet).

“And you (Moses) shall put the mitre

upon Aaron’s head,

and put the holy crown upon the mitre.

ושמת המצנפת על ראשו

ונתת את נזר הקודש על המצנפת:

The Hebrew word used here for crown

is the word nezer נזר .

This is the same word which is used

for Nazarite נזיר but it is put

in the causative Hebrew tense.

The Torah indicates that when

a person in Israel takes upon himself

the vow of the Nazarite,

that he is actually putting

the crown of holiness upon his head

as Moses put the crown

upon the head of Aaron.

As a result all limitations are erased,

and the person is filled

with the power of HASHEM.

This happens when a person

puts on the mind

of the Messiah Yeshua המשיח ישוע;

the person becomes filled with

all the fullness of HASHEM.

Samson indicated this was

the source of his ability and power

when he revealed his secret to Delilah.

Judges 16:17.

“That he told her all his heart,

and said to her,

There has not come a razor

upon my head,

for I have been

a Nazarite unto Elokim

from my mother’s womb:

if I be shaven, then my strength

will go from me,

and I will be weak (or common)

and be like any other man.”

ויגד לה את כל לבו

ויאמר לה

מורה לא עלה על ראשי

כי נזיר אלהים אני

מבטן אמי

אם גלחתי

וסר ממני כוחי


והייתי ככל האדם:

The nezer נזר was a crown

upon Samson’s head,

and he had power כוח

and strength without limit.

But when the crown was removed,

he became weak or chall חל,

a Hebrew word taken from the root

meaning common or ordinary.

This word is often used to distinguish

ordinary days from sabbath days.

This is further distinguished in the Torah

in Numbers 6:1-2,7-8.

“And HASHEM spoke to Moses, saying,

Speak to the children of Israel,

and say to them,

When either man or woman

shall separate themselves,

to vow a vow of a Nazarite,

to separate themselves to HASHEM:”

וידבר יהוה אל משה לאמר:

דבר אל בני ישראל

ואמרת אלהם

איש או אשה

כי יפלא לנדר נדר נזיר

להזיר ליהוה:

“Because the crown (nezer)

of his G-d is upon his head.

All the days of his separation

he is holy to HASHEM.”

כי נזר אלהיו על ראשו:

כל ימי נזרו

קדש הוא ליהוה:

The Torah connects the Nazarite crown to the

crown of Aaron

with a blue thread,

and all things become possible

to the one who believes HASHEM.

The crown of Aaron and the Anointing

In the Torah in Exodus 29:7

the Anointing oil is poured upon

the head of Aaron after

the crown is in place.

It soaks mitre (mitznephet) מצנפת

and imbues it because the mitre

is made out of cloth.

“And you shall put the mitre

upon his head,

and put the holy crown נזר הקודש

upon the mitre.

then you shall take the

Anointing oil,

and pour it upon his head,

and anoint him.”

ושמת המצנפת על ראשו

ונתת את נזר הקודש

על המצנפת:

ולקחת את שמן המשחה

ויצקת על ראשו

ומשחת אותו:

This happens when we receive

the Messiah Yeshua המשיח ישוע:

we become acceptable to HASHEM;

we receive the crown of holiness,

which the mind of the Messiah;

we become anointed to HASHEM

when He pours out the Holy Spirit

upon our heads.

This anointing of the Holy Spirit

soaks into our minds

and our very being becomes changed

into the image of HASHEM.

All things become possible to us.

This is the glorious door or gate שער

into the salvation of HASHEM,

which He crafted by Himself

in the Messiah Yeshua המשיח ישוע.

Thus we who believe are given

an abundant entrance to

the kingdom of HASHEM מלכות יהוה.

We become kings and priests to HASHEM.

We are cleansed by the blood

of the Messiah המשיח.

We become partakers

of the holiness of HASHEM.

We are clothed in

garments made of linen,

which is the Righteousness of HASHEM.

We are able to comprehend

the length, and the height,

and the breadth, and the depth,

and to know the love אהבה

of the Messiah המשיח

which surpasses all knowledge.

Our capabilities in HASHEM have no bounds,

and are infinite,

and we are filled with

all the fullness of HASHEM.

Inside the Holiness of HASHEM

there is a freshness of newness.

This is the dew of youth,

or the dew of the Resurrection.

The rod of Aaron and

the crown of Holiness

When rebellion rose up

in the children of Israel בני ישראל

in the rebellion of Korah,

HASHEM told Moses to take

twelve rods of the

twelve tribes, for each

tribe a rod.

The rod of Aaron was

the only rod that budded and bloomed,

and produced a crop of almonds.

The Hebrew words for ‘bloom’

Yatsets Tsits יצץ ציץ

connect the rod of Aaron

to the crown Tsits ציץ of Aaron.

Numbers 17:8.

“And Moses spoke to the children of Israel,

and every one of their princes gave him

a rod apiece,

for each prince one,

according to their fathers’ houses,

even twelve rods;

and the rod of Aaron

was among the rods.

And Moses laid up the rods

before HASHEM

in the tabernacle of witness.

And it came to pass,

that on the morrow Moses

went into the tabernacle of witness;

and behold, the rod of Aaron

for the house of Levi was budded,

and brought forth buds,

and blossomed blossoms ויצץ ציץ ,

and yielded almonds ויגמול שקדים.

וידבר משה אל בני ישראל

ויתנו אליו כל נשיאיהם

מטה לנשיא

אחד מטה לנשיא

אחד לבית אבתם

שנים עשר מטות

ומטה אהרן בתוך מטותם:

וינח משה את המטות

לפני יהוה באהל העדת:

ויהי ממחרת

ויבא משה אל אהל העדות

והנה פרח מטה אהרן לבית לוי

ויצא פרח

ויצץ ציץ

ויגמל שקדים:

Now each rod which

is the same Hebrew word

for scepter, represents

the authority of each tribe.

The rod of Aaron could have been

the same rod Aaron used

to perform the miracles [the ten plagues]

in Egypt.

For the Torah says

“And the rod of Aaron

was AMONG their rods.”

We see that the authority of Aaron

was connected to the crown of Holiness.

The Torah says this blossoming

of the rod yielded almonds.

The Hebrew word for ‘yield’

which the Torah uses here

is the word yeegmol יגמול.

The Torah uses this word

and not another word here

for a specific reason.

This is the same word that

David the king uses to describe

himself in Psalm 131:2.

“Surely I have behaved

and quieted myself,

as a child that is weaned

gamool גמול

of his mother,

my soul is even

as a weaned child

gamool גמול .”

אם לא שויתי ודוממתי

נפשי כגמול עלי


כגמול עלי נפשי:

This phrase in Hebrew is

composed of seven words,

and has a beautiful mathematical

symmetry, with the word

‘mother’ in the middle.

נפשי כגמול עלי אמו כגמול עלי נפשי

1 2 2 1

Thus using the word gamool גמול

the Torah links

the authority of the house of Aaron

to do miracles to

the Messiah המשיח

and the house of David.

This is why Yeshua ישוע came

performing miracles:

cleansing the lepers,

healing the sick,

making the lame to walk,

straightening up those bowed over,

raising the dead,

and casting out devils.

The Messiah המשיח IS THE ROCK הצור

that Moses smote and water flowed out;

the rock that is full of satisfying honey

as the Psalmist said.

Psalm 81:17.

“HASHEM will feed them

with the finest of wheat,

and with honey out of the rock

I will satisfy them (make them full).”

ויאכילהו מחלב חטה

ומצור דבש אשביעך:

As David fed upon the sincere milk

of the Word of HASHEM

which is without guile,

so every believer in the

Messiah Yeshua משיח ישוע

feeds on the milk

of the Word of HASHEM.

The mind of the Messiah

blossoms in the mind of every


nothing is impossible;

there are no limitations.

The authority of the Messiah

rests in the hand of

every believer in him.

Every believer has the

authority in him

to perform miracles.

This is a sign אות to Israel.

Numbers 17:10.

The Hebrew word for sign

is composed of the first and the last

letters of the Hebrew alphabet,

with the letter vav ו in the middle.

The first and the last

indicates the Messiah המשיח

and the VAV ו indicates

deity and the power to perform miracles.

Every one who is part of

the Messiah Yeshua המשיח ישוע

has this power.