Cornerstone Scripture for Jews Who Know the Messiah

When we read and study the Torah
in our services, and when we examine
the weekly parashah, there is a cornerstone
scripture that describes what we do.
It is Leviticus chapter 26, verse 10:
“And you shall eat old store,
and bring forth the old
because of the New.”

ואכלתם ישן נושן
וישן מפני חדש תוציאו

The ‘New’ is our personal relationship
with the Messiah of Israel and with HASHEM
who sent Him. The Spirit of G-d רוח יהוה is
poured out upon us as the prophet Joel prophesied
in chapter 3, verse 1:
“And it shall come to pass afterward,
that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh;
and your sons and our daughters shall prophesy,
your old men shall dream dreams,
your young men shall see visions:”

והיה אחרי כן
אשפוך את רוחי על בל בשר
ונבאו בניכם ובנתיכם
זקניכם חלמות יחלמון
בחוריכם חזיונות יראו:

Through the Spirit of G-d , the LORD brings
forth NEW revelations and understandings
to us as we read and examine the Torah (the Old Store).
We don’t have to rely on traditional commentaries
to understand these passages. Since we are filled
with the Spirit of G-d and are
anointed in the Messiah Yeshua משיח ישוע,
we receive FRESH revelation each time
we read each Parashah, and in a wider scope,
whenever we read any portion of the Tanach תנך.
Then the promise comes upon us that
HASHEM makes in the previous verse (Leviticus 26:9):
“I will establish my covenant with you.”

והקימתי את בריתי אתכם:

HASHEM establishes upon us all the blessing
in Chapter 26 of Leviticus, verses 3 through 13.
He shatters all preconceptions and prejudices.
Some of these great promises are:
‘Five of you shall chase an hundred,
and an hundred of you
shall put ten thousand to flight.’

ורדפו מכם חמשה מאה
ומאה מכם רבבה ירדפו:

‘For I will have respect to you,
and make you fruitful, and multiply you.’

ופניתי אליכם
והפריתי אתכם והרביתי אתכם

‘And I will set my tabernacle among you;
and my soul shall not abhor you.’

ונתתי משכני בתוככם
ולא תגעל נפשי אתכם

‘And I will walk among you,
and will be your G-d,
and you shall be my people.’

והתהלכתי בתוככם
והייתי לכם לאלהים
ואתם תהיו לי לעם:

‘I have broken the bands of your yoke,
and made you go upright.’

ואשבור מוטות עולכם
ואולך אתכם קוממיות: