According to the Tanach תנך ,

who is the worst and the greatest enemy

of Israel and of the Jews

outside of Amalek?

The Answer.

The Scripture is clear and unequivocal.

It is Babel בבל ; that is, Babylon.

So great is the enmity

of Babel בבל

against Israel ישראל ,

and so great is the destruction

that she has wrought upon the Jews,

that in Psalm 137:8-9 the Scripture

gives a blessing to those who

dash her children to pieces!

” O daughter of Babylon,

who are to be destroyed;

happy-blessed- shall he be,

who rewards you as

you have served us.

Happy-blessed- shall he be,

who takes and dashes

your little ones against the stones.”

בת בבל השדודה

אשרי שישלם לך

את גמולך שגמלת לנו:

אשרי שיאחז ונפץ

את עלליך אל הסלע:

Isaiah the prophet speaks specifically

about the pollutions, the heavy yoke,

and the unmerciful cruelty of Babel

to Israel in Isaiah 47:6.

“I was angry with my people,

I have polluted my inheritance,

and given them into your hand:

you did show them no mercy;

upon the ancient you have

very heavily laid your yoke.”

קצפתי על עמי

חללתי נחלתי

ואתנם בידך

לא שמת להם רחמים

על זקן הכבדת עלך מעד:

Then Isaiah prophesies that

the Messiah משיח shall fight

against Babel בבל Babylon.

Isaiah 48:12,14.

“Listen to me, O Jacob,

and Israel, my called;

I am he;

I am the first,

I also am the last.

The LORD has loved him (Israel):

he will do his pleasure on Babylon,

and his arm shall be on the Chaldeans.”

שמע אלי יעקוב

וישראל מקוראי

אני הוא

אני ראשון

אף אני אחרון:

יהוה אהבו

יעשה חפצו בבבל

וזרעו כשדים:

The prophet Jeremiah

is even more emphatic

about the violence of Babylon

upon Israel and all Jews,

and says in Jeremiah 51:35:

“The violence done to me and my flesh

be upon Babylon,

shall the inhabitant of Zion say;

and my blood

upon the inhabitants of Chaldea,

shall Jerusalem say.”

חמסי ושארי על בבל

תאמר ישבת ציון

ודמי אל ישבי כשדים

תאמר ירושלם:

And again in Jeremiah 51:49:

“As Babylon has caused

the slain of Israel to fall,

so at Babylon shall fall the slain

of all the earth.”

גם בבל לנפול

חללי ישראל

גם לבבל נפלו

חללי כל הארץ:

Babylon, through the wine

of her fornication has made

all the nations of the earth

crazy with rage against Israel.

Not only has she polluted Israel,

but she has polluted

all the nations of the earth.

Jeremiah 51:7.

“Babylon has been a golden cup

in the HASHEM’s hand,

that made all the earth drunken:

the nations have drunk of her wine:

therefore the nations are mad.”

כוס זהב בבל ביד יהוה

משכרת כל הארץ מיינה

שתו גוים

על כן יתהללו גוים:

But the Scripture says

though Babel exalts herself to heaven,

the LORD will certainly judge her.

Jeremiah 51:53.

“Though Babylon should

mount up to heaven,

and though she should fortify

the height of her strength,

yet from me shall spoilers

come to her,

says the LORD.”

כי תעלה בבל השמים

וכי תבצר מרום עזה

מאתי יבאו שדדים לה

נאם יהוה:

Jeremiah prophesies that

the LORD will certainly

take vengeance upon Babel

for all she has done

to Zion and to Israel.

Jeremiah 50:28-29.

“The voice of them that flee

and escape out of the land of Babylon,

to declare in Zion

the vengeance of the LORD our G-d,

the vengeance of his temple.

Recompense her according

to her work;

according to all she has done,

do to her:

for she has been proud

against the LORD,

against the Holy One of Israel.”

קול נסים ופלטים

מארץ בבל

להגיד בציון

את נקמת יהוה אלהינו

נקמת היכלו:

שלמו לה כפעלה

ככל אשר עשתה

עשו לה

כי אל יהוה זדה

אל קדוש ישראל: