Faith and Anointing

In Numbers 11:12 we find

and amazing scripture

that reveals the nature

and essence of faith,

and its connection to

the anointing.

“And Moses said to HASHEM,

Why have you afflicted your servant?

and why have I not found

favor in your sight,

that you lay the burden

of all this people upon me?

Have I conceived all this people?

Have I begotten them?

that you should say to me,

Carry them in your bosom,

as a nursing father

bears the sucking child,

to the land which

you swore to their fathers?”

ויאמר משה אל יהוה

למה הרעת לעבדך

ולמה לא מצתי

חן בעיניך

לשום את משא

כל העם הזה עלי:

האנכי הריתי את כל העם הזה

אם אנכי ילדתיהו

כי תאמר אלי

שאהו בחיקך

כאשר ישא האמן

את הינק

על האדמה

אשר נשבעת לאבתיו:

Here the Hebrew word

for ‘nursing father’

has the root letters

Aleph א, Mem מ, and Nun נ ,

which are the same Hebrew letters

that make up the root for the

Hebrew word for faith

which is ‘Emunah’ אמונה .

This reveals that HASHEM

continually nourishes us

in his covenant

to bring us into his promise.

This nourishment is

the essence of faith.

This nourishment is provided

to us on a minute by minute

basis by the Holy Spirit רוח הקודש .

In Isaiah 63:14 it is written

“As a beast goes down

into the valley,

The Spirit of HASHEM רוח יהוה

caused him to rest:

so you did lead your people,

(by causing them to rest)

to make to yourself

a glorious name.”

כבהמה בבקעה תרד

רוח יהוה


כן נחנת עמך

לעשות לך

שם תפארת:

In the covenant of

the Kingdom of David ברית מלכות דוד

it is the Anointing המשח

through the Holy Spirit רוח הקודש

by whom HASHEM

nourishes us continually.

For in the same place it is written,

Isaiah 63:11

“Then he remembered

the days of old,

Moses, and his people, saying,

Where is he that brought them

up out of the sea

with the shepherd of his flock?

Where is he who put

his Holy Spirit רוח קדשו

within him?”

ויזכור ימי עולם

משה עמו

איה המעלם מים

את רעי צאנו

איה השם


את רוח קדשו:

The Messiah Yeshua המשיח ישוע

when he established

the promised covenant

of the Kingdom of David מלכות דוד ,

promised us that he would

send to us the Holy Spirit רוח הקודש

to fulfill this Scripture.

He told us that when he went away,

in his place

he would send to us

the Holy Spirit רוח הקודש ,

and that the Holy Spirit

will nourish us continually,

and cause us to rest

in the eternal Sabbath

of the Kingdom of HASHEM

מלכות יהוה .

The Holy Spirit רוח הקודש

guides us minute by minute

and causes us to rest

in the eternal Sabbath of

the Messiah המשיח

in the Kingdom of David מּלכות דוד .

This he accomplished when

he sat down on the right hand


after he rose from the dead

on the third day

as was prophesied

in Psalm 110:1

“HASHEM decreed to my Lord,

Sit at my right hand

until I make your enemies

your footstool.”

נאם יהוה


שב לימיני

עד אשית איביך

הדם לרגליך:

The kingdom of David

is firmly established

in the hand

of the Messiah משיח .

And because it is

so firmly established

it is the essence of his faith


Faith means to become secure

or to be firmly established.

It means to become so complete

that you enter into a rest

or a Sabbath of confidence

from all fear and anxiety.

This is what our Messiah Yeshua משיח ישוע

has performed for us.

This answers the questions

in Isaiah 62:11

as to who as a shepherd רעה

in the days of old ימי עולם

brought our people עם ישראל

up out of the sea.

He established the

Kingdom of David מלכות דוד

over all Israel and

now he nourishes us

who are now in his faith,

which is the faith of Israel,

and the Kingdom of David

which is the kingdom of G-d.

For it is written in Psalm 45:6-7:

“Your Throne, O G-d,

is for ever and ever:

the scepter of your kingdom

is a right scepter.

You love righteousness,

and hate wickedness:

Therefore G-d, your G-d,

has anointed you

with the oil of gladness

above your friends.”

כסאך אלהים

עולם ועד

שבט מישר

שבט מלכותך:

אהבת צדק

ותשנא רשע

על כן משחך

אלהים אלהיך

שמן ששון


It is also written that

“the kingdom of HASHEM

is righteousness tsdaka צדקה ,

peace shalom שלום , and

joy sasson, and simcha ששון ושמחה

in the Holy Spirit רוח הקודש .”

מלכות אלהים

היא צדקה שלום

ששון ושמחה

ברוח הקודש

But concerning the heavens,

it is written in Isaiah 34:4,

“And all the host of heaven

shall be dissolved,

and the heavens shall be

rolled together as a scroll:

and all their host shall fall down,

as the leaf falls off

from the vine,

and as a falling fig

from the fig tree.”

ונמקו כל צבא השמים

ונגלו כספר

השמים וכל צבאם

יבול כנבל עלה מגפן

וכנבלת מתאנה:

The kingdom of David מלכות דוד

is made sure in the hands

of the Messiah Yeshua משיח ישוע ,

and is more sure than

the heavens themselves.

This surety is the substance

of great faith and of great boldness.

Therefore it is written

“Therefore we receiving

a kingdom that cannot be moved,

let us have grace

(the nourishment of

the Holy Spirit רוח הקודש

and of faith אמונה )

whereby we may serve HASHEM

acceptably with reverence

and godly fear.

For the LORD our G-d

is a consuming fire.”

לכן שאנחנו מקבלים

מלכות אשר לא תמוט

נהיה נא מכירי טובה

ובהכרה זאת

נעבוד את אלהים כרצונו

בחסידות וביראה:

כי יהוה אלהינו

אש אוכלת הוא: