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Elisha and the Shunamite

Elisha and the Shunamite II Kings 4:8-37 מלכים ב ד:ח-לג    The Shunamite woman is in deep pathos when her son dies on her lap. The

The Fundamental Principle of the Torah

The Fundamental Principle of the Torah המדה העקרה של התורה The Love that flows from G-d is the basic principle of the Torah.  אהבה שזורם

Jacob Leaves Laban

Jacob Leaves Laban The Return to Israel Laban belittled Jacob. He changed his wages ten times. But your father (Laban) mocked me and changed my


Esther What it means to be Jewish A lesson from Purim When a person who is Jewish tries to hide the fact, or denies it,