Category: Revelations

Three Revelations

The three revelations: I. Psalm 16:10, II. Deuteronomy 18:15-19, III. Exodus 19:13

The Evil Inclination – יצר הרע

We don’t have to work to overcome the יצר הרע (evil inclination) by doing tefillin or tzitzis or other traditional attributes of the law that were handed down to us through Babylonian interpretations in the Talmud and other books.

Revelations about Faith

I. Faith is inextricably entwined with G-d’s Kingship and Authority through the Messiah Yeshua. It cannot be separated from these two attributes.

The Tabernacle of David and the Priesthood

II Samuel 6. David officiated in the office of a Priest, the Aaronic Levitical order, during the time in which he initiated and presided over the bringing up of the Ark of the LORD to Mount Zion in Jerusalem.